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Vanessa Winter
Stephan Winter
Kat Deptula
Ivar Eythorsson

Vanessa Winter

Photographer & Creative Art Director & Brandmanager and Founder of projectphoto.is and projectphoto.ch

Vanessa is a studied Eventmanager and a trained Privat Banker and used to work in Eventmanagement & Communications, Consulting and Finance & Banking before she started her career in photography.

She is a snowboarder of the first decade of this sport and used to take part in competitions.

Vanessa has been raised and grown-up in Luxembourg & UK & Hong Kong and Germany.

Currently she is living in Switzerland & Iceland.

Stephan Winter

Photographer & Founder of projectphoto.is and projectphoto.ch

Stephan studied Computer Science at FHNW and is a trained draftsman.

He used to play handball in one of the first leagues and is now into biking and snowboarding.

Stephan has been raised and grown-up in in Switzerland.

Currently he is living in Switzerland and Iceland.

Kat Deptula

Associate Photographer for projectphoto.is

Kat has been raised and grown-up in Poland.

She speaks 3 languagues and goes crazy when there is not enough creativity in her life.

She drinks a lot of coffee, eats chocolate and always dreams big and constanly tries to spread good energy.

She never stops herself from taking on new challenges.

Currently she is living in Iceland.

Ivar Eythorsson

Associate Photographer for projectphoto.is

Ivar has been raised and grown-up in Iceland.

Ivar is a self taught commercial and landscape photographer.

Currently he is living in Iceland.


We see ourselves as creators and curators of your visual legacy - we accompany people who see their time with us as a unique opportunity to create more - to create art.

Symbiosis of "storytelling" - journalistic, documentary reportage and "Epicshots" - professional photo shoot on your very special day.

Change between guided, natural staging and discrete observer position.
Artistic refinement of the photographs through own image editing.

projectphoto.is - is serving Iceland and belongs to projectphoto.ch who operates out of Switzerland and is serving Switzerland and its neighbouring countries.

Our elopement and wedding photography is inspired by trends & influences from the UK and USA. In our image styles, we are dedicated to the "vintage" and the "black and white photography" but also like to play with other image editing styles and are anxious to constantly develop ourselves.

In addition to elopement and wedding photography, we are also active in other serveral photography genres.
Our repertoire includes:

  • Couplephotoshoots
  • Portraitsphotoshoots
  • Lifestyle and Fashionphotoshoots
  • Visual Branding - Image- & Productphotography
  • Business & Commercial
  • Eventphotograpy

We operate in our very open dazzling image style with professional equipment and lenses almost exclusively with strong fixed focal lengths.

We take care to capture the unique moments of your dream day in photojournalism & photo documentation style.

We also attach great importance to a professional wedding shoot on your wedding day, during which we "guide" you to beautiful poses, put you in the right light and stage without losing your naturalness.

At our photo shoot, we work exclusively with reflectors that capture the natural light.

In the evening, we work with powerful lenses to "perform" when the sun has long gone down and your banquet begins.

In general, we change the positions and roles on your wedding day - sometimes we are quiet observers in the background, sometimes we act in the foreground and set a scene in the light, stage a group picture, sometimes we support the organization and the course of the day or are girls for everything and a helping hand.

The sorting and postprocessing of the photos is just as much a part of our work as the execution of the wedding reportage.

Each and every one of the photos delivered to you will be individually reworked with much love and not only with one single but with diverse picture styles, so that your wedding reportage becomes unique. The image processing makes "almost" the main part of our work.

So, if you have your dream day behind you and reminisce, work really starts for us.

From your wedding day you stay - three things:

  • the partner for life
  • Your wedding rings and
  • Your beautiful wedding photos - from us you get pictures of the wonderful moments of your dream day, you can still share with your children and grandchildren.